Missing Paperwork? Manual System Errors? No Problem!

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At Bookit, we are always looking for new ways to help our clients solve their bookkeeping and payroll challenges.

Recently, we helped two of our valued clients implement solutions to get their books into better order, saving time, money and stress all round!


  1. A case of missing paperwork

Our construction client was sending his documents to us via courier. Unfortunately, despite regular meetings, there were missing bills and receipts, and the BAS was several months behind.

We convinced the client to switch to Hubdoc for his receipts instead of using couriers. Hubdoc is an app that scans images of receipts and collects data from them. The app is very smart at picking up data from documents, and while the entries might require a quick check to make sure they are correct, Hubdoc can save many hours of data entry. It is also free to use if you already have XERO.

There were a few hiccups getting this new approach going. But now the client is getting into a very good routine of using the mobile app to take photos of his receipts straight away, so that electronic copies go immediately into Hubdoc for entry into his books. His accounts are more up-to-date, and things have really improved.

The result: one happy client, a few happy bookkeepers here, and a decrease of weekly admin time from four hours to 17 minutes!


  1. COVID losses and manual payroll

The second client had experienced a 95% reduction in turnover due to COVID. We discovered they were eligible for a Small Business COVID Hardship Fund payment. To cut a long story short – an application was lodged which was successful, and within a week they had received $20,000. Needless to say they were very happy!

The same client had a small payroll for eight employees. They were using manual systems for this, which was leading to problems such as rejected payments due to typos – including for superannuation remittances. There was also the concern that their payroll information remitted to the ATO might be incorrect.

So we persuaded them to switch to the use of payment files that could be imported into their internet banking, to prevent these problems from happening. So far so good!


Why we enjoy helping clients

Both of these clients really put in an effort to improve their systems and we’re proud of them. We’re also pleased that they knew we had their best interests at heart when we brought these things to their attention, and pressed for changes.

We love helping our clients set up systems to improve their efficiency and accuracy. Another way we like to help clients is with management of their cashflow – such as by encouraging them to put money aside towards the big payments that inevitably crop up (e.g. GST and superannuation), to reduce bill shock.

These things matter a lot to us because we recognise the importance of accuracy in bookkeeping. We also recognise the savings that can be made when a business improves its systems and processes.

If you’d like to know more about how partnering with us could help you improve your business’s bookkeeping accuracy and efficiency, get in contact with our team.

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