Do you need expert services in franchise bookkeeping?

A franchise is like any other business. Except when it’s not. And this is why franchise bookkeeping services are not the same as regular accounting services.

Unlike non-franchise businesses, your franchise involves a lot more financial compliance and regulation requirements.

Whether you own a franchise or bought one, keeping an eye on everything is hard when your financial paperwork tray is overflowing.  Attempting to do it on your own may leave you rather overwhelmed and still leave scope for error.

We specialise in franchise bookkeeping services. We understand your compliance and financial requirements and can take care of them, along with the usual end-to-end bookkeeping that every business needs.

Why you need Bookit

Expert knowledge

Having worked with many different franchise systems, we know the ins-and-outs of them, which means you can hand over your books quickly and easily, with minimal need for any meetings.


GST credits

We are GST registered franchise bookkeeping service providers.  So, working with us means that you reduce your GST payable and your PAYG rather than add it to your BAS.


Less overheads

Employees come with equipment costs coupled with sick leave, annual leave, and WorkCover. We are an external provider, so you don’t need to worry about any of those expenses.

Complete coverage

If you make a mistake on your tax, you wear the penalty. But with us, our BAS Agent licence means we are responsible for ensuring your lodgements is 100% accuracy and compliancy.


Backup help

If your only bookkeeper is sick or away, your books have to wait. But we are a team of bookkeepers, so your books are always done and up-to-date.


Experienced bookkeepers

Together, our franchise bookkeeping services team has over 100 years’ experience in bookkeeping, which means you receive the best practice in bookkeeping always.

What our clients say

"I moved over to Bookit just over 12 months ago, and after a long period of deliberation! I was expecting any transition to another bookkeeper to be a difficult one, but this was not the case. Karen had some great insights and understood key elements of our business intuitively. 12 months on, and we have found that we have been able to streamline many of the more tedious aspects of our financial administration. We are very happy with Bookit and look forward to a long and productive relationship."


 - Brett Carman, Grill'd Point Cook

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"Since I started my franchise print business in June 2016, I was looking for a reliable and trustworthy bookkeeper. My wife was doing excel spreadsheets and had to do the data after work hours and weekends. A lot of time wasted! Thanks to Bookit, now going on over 2 years, my wife and I now have time for our family again and not have to data capture on weekends anymore. Thanks for giving us back our leisure time!"



 - Johnson Lai, Minuteman Press Werribee

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