BAS Preparation & Lodgement

BAS is too important to risk a mistake. Leave it to us and get everything right the first time.

Every business needs to report their financials to the Australian Taxation Office on a regular basis. Preparing your BAS or IAS is a complicated process, involving GST calculations that need to be interpreted according to the current legislation. The penalties for late lodgement or incorrect information are heavy, but you can avoid this easily when you leave it to us.


As bookkeepers with BAS Agent registration, we are legally able to prepare your BAS and lodge it on your behalf. Our team prepares your statements well in advance of your submission dates and our experience in accounts means that the information is always correct and accurate. We’ll let you know what we need and what you need to do to make sure that your statements have everything required.

Spend your time where it matters. Leave the rest to us.