Receipt Scanning & Storage

Say goodbye to paper and hello to a better way of storing your paperwork.

Where are your receipts? In your bag? In your pocket? In the box in the corner? You’ll get to them someday but there’s so many other things you need to do for your business. Over time, those receipts fade and when you go to enter them, you can barely make out who you paid and what you paid for. Worse still, you forgot that you spent a lot of money last month, which is why your cashflow isn’t as great as you thought.

Faded receipts and missed information is a thing of the past when you partner with us. We scan and store your existing documents onto a secure, cloud-based server so they stay clear and are always accessible for checking. We then set you up on a paper scanning software that lets you use your smartphone to scan documents that can be sent to us immediately for entering into your accounts. You’ll love the feeling of all the extra space and seeing your cashflow in real-time.

Spend your time where it matters. Leave the rest to us.