How We Started

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Bookit was built on the belief that bookkeepers bring more to business than just data entry; we are an invaluable resource to your business success. We know that good books are the difference between a business that succeeds and a business that struggles.

We are qualified, experienced bookkeepers with BAS Agent registration who care about your business goals and can help you reach them through best practice bookkeeping.

Since starting in 2009, Bookit Bookkeeping has grown from one bookkeeper to a team, ready to help businesses big and small. We take care of everything from straightforward data entry to BAS preparation and lodgement, and everything in between. The number of clients and industries we service continues to grow as more and more companies realise the value we bring.

Our clients love the feeling they get once they know that their books are no longer a burden. It’s a feeling that never goes away because we continue to show how many ways we can give them back their time.


We will always care about you and your business. We will always keep your books correctly and do everything when it needs to be. We will be the hummingbirds in your life, working so hard that you can’t even see it. You just know that it happens.

Our Hummingbird

Have you ever seen a hummingbird?

That tiny creature is a miracle of nature, beating its wings so fast that all you see is a blur.

Just like us.

At Bookit, we are a one-in-a-million bookkeeping service, moving at incredible speed to keep your books sorted and keep your business growing. We travel any distance to help businesses all over Australia. When you bring your books to us, no matter what state they’re in, we’ll get them sorted and make it look easy. And we’ll keep it looking that way so you can breathe freely knowing that you can spend time where it’s needed.

Hummingbird | Bookit Bookkeeping



We work with clients all over Australia because every business deserves a great bookkeeper dedicated to their success. Our cloud-based setup means that we're always here to support you.


We work with clients in many different industries and businesses at every level, so we know that each business has different needs from their accounts management. We tailor how we manage your books so you always have what you need.


We work hard because you do. Your passion to succeed is what drives us to help you do just that, so when your books are in our hands, we make sure you have what you need to kick those goals.