Have a read at some of our customer’s most Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you look after clients outside of Victoria?

We have clients all over Australia. Because we use cloud-based bookkeeping software, we can help you no matter where you are. We’ll even come and visit you as soon as we can, just to say hi.

Can I stay with my existing bookkeeping software if I work with you?

Of course. If your software is keeping your business running, then there’s no reason to change it. We recommend Xero as our preferred system because it can be accessed anywhere and it lets us use other software for receipt scanning and uploading, keeping paper to a minimum. We find many of our clients like this option better than what they currently have, but as always, it is about what’s best for your business.

I have a multi-site business that needs a bookkeeper for each location. Can you help?

We can. Even better, we’ll help you centralise the process so that all your accounts are in one online location that can be accessed from any site. This is a much better solution, because it reduces human error and running costs. If this is you, we’d love to help.

I already have an onsite bookkeeper. Why should I change to an offsite like yours?

Why have one bookkeeper when you can have many? With an onsite bookkeeper, if they become sick or go on holidays, it can be hard to find a replacement that performs everything the same way. This can lead to incorrect data entry, double ups, and eventually a mess that needs sorting.

With Bookit, you will gain a dedicated account manager who will be your main bookkeeper and contact. When they’re away, the rest of our team will keep your accounts in order until they’re back, because we train our staff in best practice bookkeeping. You’ll can be confident that giving your books to us means never worrying about them again.

What if I only want to give you part of my bookkeeping, like accounts entry?

Sure, we can help out if that makes it easier for you to focus on your business. But you’ll quickly find that you’ll want to hand over more and more of your bookkeeping to us, because the more we do, the less you have to do. Great bookkeepers work best when they look after all your accounts, because they know how each one affects the other, and can manage that accordingly. It means less work for everyone overall.

Can any bookkeeper do BAS preparation and lodgement?

No, no, a thousand times, no! BAS is a tax declaration and like any tax declaration, it needs to be 100% correct. While many bookkeepers have the experience to keep your accounts in order, not many of them have the experience or understanding preparing a BAS statement and the penalties for any errors are heavy, and most of them will fall on you.

You should always ask a bookkeeper if they have a BAS Agent registration so that you’re protected.

At Bookit, we are experienced and qualified bookkeepers with BAS Agent registration, so you can breathe easy when you ask us to prepare and lodge your BAS.

Spend your time where it matters. Leave the rest to us.